Coding&Play Junior

Specialized coding education program
to improve computational thinking can be found at Coding&Play learning centres.




Various Programming Languages

You can experience 3 programming languages to let Albert move
with Smart Robot Coding&Play Junior.

Card type programming

Block type programming

Scratch programming with PC


Stack Card


Block type programming language



Animation of Coding Education on EBS

“Cobot, save the Earth”, Familiar and interesting approach to coding education through animation with main character


Curriculum Introduction


Program Features

Storytelling Book

Read coding episodes with interesting information naturally observe computational thinking, and get expectation about coding activity.

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Unplugged Book

Learn computational thinking in connection with the storybook without computer using various ways of activities such as repairing, vocabulary, logic, etc.

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Work Book

Use different coding languages based on the concepts and principles of accumulated computational thinking in order to solve problems through command and simulation to Albert.

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Awards strengthen interest in activities

Every month it is provided stamp sticker in order to enjoy the coding adventure trip which is put into the passport to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Make an Albert paper toy in accordance with monthly theme and collect them into the map, proceeding with coding board game.

※ It is provided certificate if it all were collected.

Coding education content and Smart Robot Albert can be used by anyone without any age restrictions experiencing coding with easy and fun.

UO Albert 1 pcs, Coding Boards 6 pcs, Stack Card, Stack Card Pouch, Guide book


Annual Plan

Smart Robot Coding&Play Junior Annual Plan

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No Theme Computational Thinking
1 Animals, Plants and Nature Data Collection, Sequential Structure, Measuring (Basic),
Sending Signals (Basic)
2 My Family and I Data Analysis, Algorithm, Loop (Pattern), Playing Sound
3 My Neighbourhood Problem Decomposition, Sequential Execution,
Basic Concept of Dimension, Sending Signals (Basic)
4 Health and Safety Investigation Activity for the Problem, Loop (Pattern)
Using Sound, Debugging (Error Correction)
5 Transportation Basic Concept of Geometric Figures, Event
Problem Decomposition, Sending Signals (Application)
6 Different Countries Around the World Data Analysis, Sequential Execution,
Loop (2 Times Automatic), Playing Sound (2 Types)
7 Athletics Measuring (Advancement), Loop (3 Times Automatic), Debugging (Part Deletion), Insertion Sort Algorithm
8 The Environment and Our Lives Sharing Ideas, Sending Signals (Application)
Generalization, Playing Sound (3 Types)
9 Four Seasons Using Sound, Loop (4 Times Automatic)
Debugging (Part Insertion), Event
10 Objects Around Us Combining Thoughts, Measuring (Advancement),
Bubble Sort Algorithm, Conditional Statement
11 Earth and the Universe Problem Decomposition, Predicting Results,
Loop (Infinite Times Automatic), Debugging (Compression)
12 Childhood Dream Double Conditional Statement, Sending Signals (Planning)
Loop (Infinite Times Automatic), Abstraction

No Theme Computational Thinking
1 Albert from Planet Coding Data Collection, Data Analysis, Sequence, Loop
2 Journey to the World of Dinosaurs Data Analysis, Image Representation, Sequential Structure,
Conditional Statement
3 Exploring the Underwater World Data Collection, Sequential Execution,
Selection Sort Algorithm, Event
4 The Clues of the Animal Friends Problem Decomposition, Letter Representation,
Debugging (Error Correction), Bubble Sort Algorithm
5 Falling into a Trap Binary Number, Insertion Sort Algorithm,
Variable, Sound Representation
6 Into the Computer World Functions, Image Representation,
Debugging (Error Correction), Quick Sort Algorithm
7 Virus Attack Data Analysis, Abstraction,
Double Conditional Statement, Linear Search Algorithm
8 The Identity of the Virus Data Collection, Text Compression,
Functions (Application), Debugging (Part Deletion)
9 The Mystery Stranger Problem Decomposition, Sound Representation,
Event, Debugging (Part Insertion)
10 Searching for Cramon Image Representation, Generalization,
Nested Loop, Abstraction
11 The Secret of the Strange Planet Automation, Sound Representation,
Double Conditional Statement, Binary Search Algorithm
12 The Final Showdown Letter Representation, Binary Number,
Variable, Sequential Execution